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Laundry Room Curtain September 23, 2014

After my failed attempt at painting the roll-up curtain in my laundry area I took a break from this area of the house. I took time to sew blankets and finish other projects around the house. The list of projects I have started is getting smaller and this is the next one on my list.

I looked at fabric patterns to see if I wanted to sew them and I looked at the store for a set to buy. Nothing seemed like the right fit for the window. The garage gets a lot of spider webs and little light. With one window, would curtains block the air flow completely?… if so then that could be a catastrophe because the cat box and motorcycle are in the garage.

This project has been cancelled for now. We are making a lot of other changes to the house… who knows maybe we can wall off an area just for the laundry? It is a though for further in the future. A LOT further in the future LOL =)

Sad to admit it but it is time to walk away from this project.


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