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Handbrewed Soaps October 2, 2014

Ashlin and I attended a beer festival in Discovery Park, Sacramento CA. It was a beautiful location and the weather was wonderful. I was not drinking because I was the designated driver, so I took some time to look at the booths that had things other than beers to taste.

The booth that caught my eye and stands out in my memory is Handbrewed Soaps. They had a wonderful selection of soaps of a variety of scents. I would almost call them flavors because they smelled good enough to eat but I know that you don’t eat soap!

Handbrewed Soap Image

I was so impressed that I called Ash over to the booth and we bought a few bars of soap. Supporting a small business always make me happy because I know how hard they work!

We love the soap and look forward to purchasing more including the soap of the month club. If you like the aromas of beer and wine, check them out… I bet you will love them too!


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