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Terrain or Not Terrain? October 7, 2014

My husband, Ash, started to play a game called Infinity. It involved models, calculations, strategy and a lot of time. He started painting his models and they look really nice. Then we went to our first game convention and I saw some of the creative terrain they play on…… that was bad for me!

I have no desire to play the game but I was highly interested in how the terrain was made. My thoughts already started thinking about how I would make something similar for Ash to use on the table top he built (which I will share with you later). Conversations with some of the players who built the terrain had me believing it would be easy… I wanted to start!

For the first few months Ash told me no because he had figures to paint. He did not want to think about terrain or where he was going to keep it. I listened to him for a while but a couple of weeks ago I found myself looking online for terrain ideas. Yup, I went from crafting for myself to crafting for my husband. Really not sure if it is a good thing or bad thing or how I feel about it yet. LOL!

So far I seem to be drawn to the tropical beach type terrain theme. Surprised! No probably not. Most of you know from previous posts that we love the ocean!!

terrain 1 terrain 2

So far ideas like these do not look to hard but maybe a bit challenging. I think it is time for me to measure the figures heights and plan a terrain.


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