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Planning Arches and Arbors October 9, 2014

One my last trip to my parents house I received 3 new day lily plants, 2 holly hocks and 2 yarrow, as well as a variety of other plants. I have not transplanted them yet because I wanted them to settle a bit from the drive. Plus I have to weed the areas they will be planted in and weed the areas for the potted plants I am going to transplant too.

Before I can start weeding I need to plan where I am going to plant everything. One of the plants is a honeysuckle vine so it will need something to climb on. Maybe an arch or an arbor of some sort but what design? Where to put it?


This arbor is beautiful with the vines growing over it and the bench to sit on. I also like the stone patio below.


This one has a simple elegance to it and makes me want one at the entrance to our yard. My parents have simply elegant arbors at both entrances to their front yard and I love it!.


Can you tell that I like the idea on an arbor with a built-in bench? I think that this arbor and bench would fit into our yard nicely.


Yet another with a bench but this time it is not built-in. I think that I might like the arbor a bit wider. Then I could place my directors chairs and bench below it.

Now that I have some idea of which arbors I like and an idea of where I would place them. Planning the location and dimensions of the arbors before planting more will allow me to get plants in the ground but not have to move them when we install the arbors. The arbors will have climbing plants growing on them.

Taking a picture of our front yard I was able to mark where I wanted the arbors to be placed.

front yard with trellis & fence lines

Red = Trellis’ & Pink = Fence Lines

Since using this picture I see that it is hard to mark everything that I would like to mark. I am going to take some new pictures and try to update the plans, including marking where the plants will go. I am excited about this project and look forward to the spring, in hopes that we can build the arbors then. For now, it is time to plant and pre-dig the arbor post holes.



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