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Fall Planting Time – Part 1 October 21, 2014

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Fall is the time plant, or at least that is what I am told my a lot of people. Home Depot even sent out an email to that effect. If you could not tell a couple of weeks ago by my post about planning arches and arbors, I am in the mood to do some yard work! Being in the mood to do it will not make it easier sadly. I am recovering from a sinus and lung infection so it has to be done in small amounts or else I can not breath.


Our yard was getting a bit overgrown because of being sick and the broken lawn mover (although you really can’t tell in this picture). I have started to sit out after work and weed small areas of the yard. This inspiration came from my Mom and her recovery work with her wrist. I mean if she can work through that pain, I can work through some breathing issues, right!?!

Slowly but surely I made my way around the yard. It was relaxing to feel the cool air and have the sense of accomplishment. I didn’t get it all done yet because our roommate brought over a lawnmower to borrow. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining! It was wonderful to have one to borrow and clean up the yard!


See how much better it looks! Now it is time to plant. These are all the plants I have received from friends and family.


Looks are a bit deceiving in the picture because the ferns are for a project in the back yard. Next step will be to put the plants in place but that will have to wait until I can breathe again.



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