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Starting Plan for Bathroom Remodel October 23, 2014

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We have slowly been working on updating our house into a home. Changing windows, adding sliding door and dishwasher, landscaping…etc. With the most recent project of the living/ dining room remodel done it is now time to look to the next project. Not so much time, I mean we would love to relax and not spend the money right now, but necessity calls.

Our bathroom, yeah well, I have talked about it a few times. When we moved in it was basically all white.


Then I painted the walls and mirror frame so that the room looked warmer and happier. As warm and happy as a bathroom could look I suppose.


When the painting was done I scrubbed every surface of the bathroom to ensure it was 115% clean. A couple weeks later some of the staining in the corner of the shower tile was back. Since only bleach will clean it we are pretty sure that it is mold coming through from the sheetrock. See necessity, have to get rid of the mold so it is time to get ready for the remodel.

Ash and I went to Home Depot a couple of time to look at tile colors/patterns. We did not find any that we both loved and agreed on. If we bought from the store there would be compromising to be done. So I decided to take a look online and send some tile options to Ash. Finally there was one that we both liked and agreed on. It was an online item so Ash suggested we order samples of the tile to be sure we liked it in person. I decided to add a couple of similar tiles to the order.

Never thought that I would be excited about tile samples but I am! The samples arrived at the store today! Of course I had dinner plans so I had to wait till much later in the evening to pick them up but I think that it was worth it. Here are the samples we got:




What do you think?


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