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November means Fall and Christmas Prep November 11, 2014

For November we decided to be eclectic with my nails. It is fall and football season so we did some fun call designs. By fun I mostly mean… Minions!!

My thumbs are decorated differently from the rest. One thumb is Seahawks and the other is a reindeer with christmas lights on his antlers.


You might be thinking “Why a reindeer? Isn’t it a bit early for Christmas designs?” Well yes it could be early for some people to do Christmas nail design but not me. I go in once a month to have my nails done and since I went in at the beginning of November, I would not get back to have them done again until the beginning of December. That does not sounds so bad but I did not want to wait. You see my family decorates for Christmas the day after  Thanksgiving. I decided to do the reindeer so that I would have a Christmas nail on that day.

Make sense now? Oh well, it does to me and I can not help but smile at my fun nails. Can’t wait to see what we do in December!


One Response to “November means Fall and Christmas Prep”

  1. Kellie Says:

    Love it

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