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Tire Flower Beds November 11, 2014

Some of you remember the plants from the front yard. I mentioned that some were for the project in the back yard, such as these ferns.


Our backyard is divided into two areas: the garden and the main area, where the dogs play. The main area has a few plants along the fence line but not many.


The corner has a bush which came with the house. Sadly, we had to fence it in because Rosco was eating the bush. I am hoping that it comes back over the winter. The remainder of the fence line has a geranium and some other trampled flowers. Not the most appealing to look at. The dogs like to run along the fence line trying to catch squirrels.

I really wanted something to grow there and add height and hopefully color but how? Well a few months ago, honestly don’t know the number, Ash bought his motorcycle. How is this related, you might be thinking. It is related because I got a new idea while I was waiting. When Ash was on his test ride I noticed a stack of used tires by the dumpster. Tires that I could use to add some height and protect the plants. The dealership was nice enough to let me have the tires and they have been sitting in the yard since. Now it is time to put them to use!

Step 1: remove all weeds and dog debris from the area.

Step 2: set the tires in the location they will stay at.

Step 3: Put metal poles/spikes into the ground to hold the tires in place

Step 4: Place the plants in their location.

Step 5: Plant the plants, including vegetable cages for additional protection.


The bark was supposed to cover the edges of the tires so it looked more like a mound of bark but I did not have enough. I will be getting more to hide the tires as the winter progresses.

It is not much and the plants don’t look the prettiest now but I am pleased. Hopefully it can stand against the dogs and make it through the winter. Fingers crossed!





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