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Improved Organization in Full Garage November 13, 2014

Our garage is full. When the motorcycle is parked inside there is almost no room to move around.


The recycling is kept in the corner of the garage by the roll-up door. The original system was one storage tub to drop it into until full, them use a bag on the ground next to the bin for remainder.


This meant more time sorting when it was time to turn in and a waste of plastic bags. To improve this system we bought stacking bins that have a door at the front. Ok, bad description I know.

We choose these bins because they have worked wonderful for the cat and dog food storage. Now we have 4 bins, one for each type of recycling, that are labeled for easy use. when the bin is full it will be turned in, eliminating the need for any bags.

Since I was already in the garage working, I took a few moments to clean it up and remove any unneeded items.


Not much more room but at least it is clean and organized.


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