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Winter-long Project Plan November 20, 2014

Projects are being completed and goals are being met. For me, it is a wonderful feeling. This year is coming to an end faster than I thought, amazing how fast the year has flown by!

Since it is almost time to set my goals for 2015, I decided it was a good time to plan out a few projects for next year as well. One of those projects I am going to start this winter, even though it is a 2015 project. I call is a 2015 project because I will not have it finished until then.

The project is grass/weed killing. Sounds simple and easy but I have learned that nothing is as easy as it sounds. For this project I am going collect cardboard, planter edging, bark and gravel. Collecting all of this when it is on sale will allow me to go out in the yard on a day it is not raining and work.

  1. Use the edging to mark where I want the pathways in the yard to be.
  2. Place cardboard on all exposed ground.
  3. Order open planter area with bark.
  4. Fill in pathways with gravel.

This project will enable me to stop moving the front yard, plus I can start putting out decorative pieces. Not to much decoration because the yard is not fenced so I don’t want it to disappear. When this is completed I will share the before and after with you. I am looking forward to this work.



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