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TSO!!! November 25, 2014

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I am soooo excited!!!! I have to share! We are going to see TSO tomorrow night!

Okay, so some of you many not know what TSO is. TSO is Trans-Siberian Orchestra. They are an amazing group that creates amazing music and perform shows that there are no words to describe.

The first time I saw TSO it was a surprise date from Ash. We had just started dating and I had no idea where we were going. Even as we sat waiting for the show to start I still had no clue. Much to Ash’s amusement. The show was amazing and even that does not do it justice.

The following year we took my parents to see them. It was a wonderful evening! Sadly, the next couple of years we missed the show.

Not this year, we are staring the holiday season with a BANG!! I can’t wait! If you could not tell that already. hee hee



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