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Christmas Decorating Fun! November 27, 2014

This year we are not going anywhere for Thanksgiving and it does not seem right to do a huge meal for the two of us. We enjoyed Trans Siberian Orchestra last night and today we are spending relaxing.

Relaxing for him is playing on the computer or working on this models. I am relaxing another way this year. I am decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving day while watching the Thanksgiving parade and listening to Christmas music. It is one day earlier than I usually decorate but I am leaving in the evening to drive to my parents house. We are spending the weekend shopping and laughing. Perfect excuse to decorate now, it will be pretty and holiday spirity when I get home.

Last year I was not able to put out my Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer village because I did not have a place for it. This year I am excited because I have the china hutch to use. The hutch give me space to decorate, it will light the display but most of all it is safe from the cats!

We also bought our first christmas tree together this year. OK, so I picked it out and bought it at Home Depot on Novem,ber 1st but that is besides the point. It is the first brand new tree that he and I have to decorate.

Seeing the house all decorated makes me happy and sad at the same time. This year is going to be hard for the family but I know that we are strong and we will make more happy memories to overpower the sad one from last year…Anyways, time to finish the last few things and hit the road. Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the Christmas Season!


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