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Holiday Stocking Exchange December 2, 2014

When my siblings and I were old enough to “know ” Santa we added a new tradition to our holiday together. Instead of shopping to every member of the household, we drew names. The name you drew is the only person you shopped for. Our family is still following this fun tradition, the exception being my sister’s family. Once we have children it is time to build new traditions of our own. For Ash and I this change will not apply which is a bittersweet thought.

This year I drew the names for Ash and I because I will be doing most of the shopping. Not all because as Ash will point out, he gave opinions and ideas.

Thanksgiving weekend my parents and I went shopping together. I needed to help my Dad with his person and she was helping me with some fun shopping for me. The stockings for our two people are basically done, except for some lat minute items that might get added.

As you could probably guess, there is a lot of stuff already. Ash keeps looking at me and asking when I will be done LOL! I am having a lot of fun and it makes me happy to see if all under our tree. Hmmm maybe I should get two large boxes filled with popcorn and make them dig for the wrapped items??? I will let you know if I do this or not… fun ideas?!?!


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