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Christmas Eve December 24, 2014

Life gets busy during the holidays. We do not even have a lot of places to be and I found it hard to get anything done. Granted I was recovering from bronchitis. I know, me sick again, Shocker (Not!!).

Thanksgiving weekend my Mom taught me how to add ribbons and bows to my christmas tree. I had attempted in on Christmas Day, before heading to her house and it did not look nice. Displaying image1.jpeg

When I got home Xander helped me remove the ribbon so I could add my new ribbon like Mom showed me.

Displaying image2.jpeg

I love the change it makes to my tree. a bit more sparkle and complete appearance.

Displaying image2.jpeg

Displaying image3.jpeg

Tree done, it was time to relax in front of the fire with Rosco.

Displaying image1.jpeg

What do you think of his holiday sweater? I think that he likes it because he has not tried to eat it yet. Cross your fingers it lasts the winter.

Time for final preparations! Be safe tonight!


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