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Mistake Made From Assumption December 30, 2014

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I received five hand sewn quilt fronts from a co worker. Her mother has Alzheimer’s and it became bad enough she could not finish the quilts.
With the end of the year upon us, I decided to finish some projects I had started. Over the weekend I brought fabric for three of the quilts assuming that they were all the same size.
Don’t get me wrong I had measured them when I got them but forgot the measurements. I have to admit that I even forgot to measure them again before leaving for the store so I called Ash for a measurement. Not my best moments for so far.
Due to my assumption, I have spare fabric to use another time and one quilt ready to sew. Lesson learned: never assume you know the measurements or that they are all the same!
Guess I am making another trip to the store, quilts and measurements in hand.


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