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New Ottoman – Part One January 8, 2015

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My sister had an ottoman without a pad. She was throwing it away and I took it to repurpose it.


I already have one ottoman in the living room but Rosco and the cats sleep on it so sometime it is not available for me to use.


My Mom had a spare cushion to use so I bought the fabric needed. While the fabric was washing I brought the ottoman base inside and started pulling the staples which hold on the fabric. I attempted to remove the legs but the screws would not budge. While I was taking a break from this Xander notices something interesting.

There was a bug in one of the screw holds. I took the base back outside and banged it around a bit to get the bugs out. I was not convinced so I left it on the porch overnight and checked it again the morning, bug killer in hand. Thankfully there were no more bugs. Now it is time to have the boys remove the legs.


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