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New Ottoman – Part Two January 13, 2015

Removing the legs proved challenging because the screws were stuck. Our roommate finally removed them but destroyed the bottom finishing fabric in the process.

I removed the old fabric and sprayed it with Avon Skin So Soft to make it smell clean and deter fleas. Then I laid out the fabric on the floor face down and set the cushion and ottoman on top of it. This makes is easier to stretch the fabric to fit and staple it in place. I wanted to make sure that the corners folded nice and smooth and I think that they look nice


Sorry, I did not take any pictures of removing the staples and fabric or positioning it n the flor to recover because I was “in the zone”.

Once the new fabric was stapled on I trimmed off any excess fabric.


Because the fabric that usually goes across the bottom to finish this was destroyed, I will need to buy new. so for now this is how the ottoman looks in our living room.


It looks a bit off in shape because I think that I pulled it too tight but as it stretches it will look more square again.


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