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Projects 2015 January 15, 2015

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I have been spending time during the end of 2014 and the start of 2015 trying to complete projects that I has already started. My goal is to finish those before starting new ones. Some are proving challenging because they require sewing and my machine is down. Below is my list of projects I would love to get completed in 2015

  1. Complete my ceramics painting projects
  2. Complete the 7 quilts
  3. Complete dining room table
  4. Complete baseboard trim on dining area
  5. Remodel bathroom
  6. Install hydroponic garden system
  7. Install pathways in front yard and kill all grass
  8. Expand the back patio to fence
  9. Remove the tree and juniper bush stump from the front yard
  10. Fence in front yard (after tree is removed) including 2 arches
  11. Expand driveway
  12. Replace more windows
  13. Install garden gate with an arch over it

I am realistic about this list because I know that it will not all get done this year but it helps me to have the list. Kind of a launching point. Mostly I love the feeling of completing a project and crossing it off the list!

What are your projects for 2015?


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