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School is in Session February 5, 2015

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My posts may become a bit fewer for a while. School started at the end of January so I have been trying to get ahead on my work. Get ahead and get into a routine. There is so much we do in a day and sometimes we forget about it all until we have to add something else.

I knew that school was going to take up a lot of my time but until classes started it was impossible to get into a routine. Ok so maybe impossible is a bit of a strong word but it was the word that came to mind. For me I do better when I know what kind of work the teacher are expecting so I can plan my time. I could of course plan for everything ahead of time but that it not realistic for my way of time management. In this way I am like my niece Keegan. She learns things, tells stories and does puzzles in reverse. I prepare time management in reverse. Once I have all the balls up in the air  I start planning on how to keep them bouncing and/or in what order to catch them.

Using my calendar I scheduled certain days for certain chores, leaving me more time to study. My amazing husband helps me study and does all the cooking. I am blessed to have the support I have and the opportunity to return to school. Wish me luck on getting the A’s I am working for!


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