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Musical Sewing Machines March 18, 2015

I have two sewing machines, one at our house and one at my parents. The one at my house decided to stop working. The bobbin broke so my Mom brought me the other machine, then took the broken one to the repair shop by her.

My Dad is happy to have yet another thing out of his garage/attic. The sewing machine had been repaired and then stored at their house because at the time there was not room for it where I lived. It is built into a table so it requires a permanent location.

I rearranged our bedroom to accommodate the machine. Dixie’s bed got moved to Ash’s side of the bed, Rosco’s kennel was taken down, so he only has a bed now, and the machine was placed in the corner where Dixie’s bed used to be. There is a window above and my vanity mirror to the right which reflects more light on my machine.


When I am not sewing, I can have the top open with the machine down and use the space as a desk for my homework. I like that it is a multipurpose space.

If I am not using it at all then I can close it and place my basket of fabric below and the chair to the left.

I know that our room is small but I think that it makes a nice little area in the corner for me.


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