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More Quilts Completed March 25, 2015

My co-workers Mom has Alzheimer’s and she gave me some of the quilts her mom started. Thy are beautiful and hand stitched. I decided not to take away from the original design and just add a back to them.

It took me a while to collect the backing fabrics and I was ready. My sewing machine disagreed with me. As I mentioned on Tuesday, I had to switch out machines.

Now that I have my new sewing area set up, it was time to try sewing again. I say try because not sure my machine would work after sitting for a few years. It was serviced right before so I hoped that it would. Thankfully it did!

Once the two quilts were pinned I sewed all four edges, leaving one opening in a corner. Using  the opening I flipped it right side out then hand sewed the corner closed. I decided to at sewn rim around the blanket as well. Once that was completed I added my yarn ties.

3 2

I am happy to have a couple of the quilts finished. Now is just have 4 more to do.



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