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Found Dog Looking for His Home April 2, 2015

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 11:40 am

On Tuesday night I arrived home from work to find a pit bull roaming out front yard. Please do no immediately think of his as aggressive, mean, attacking or abused. He strayed from his home and is now lost.

I was able to get a leash on him and walked him around a bit trying to see if he would lead me to his house but no luck. We took him to the vet where the found a microchip naming him as Brownie but all the contact numbers were invalid. We posted signs, alerted the shelter and are spreading the word.

He is a loving friendly  un-neutered male. I would guess that he is a less than 2-year-old Red Nose Pit. Norcal Bully is helping us with trying to find his home but also with introducing him to our dogs so that we can foster him for the mandatory 30 days. Last night he meet the cats, today he gets groomed, and tonight we are going for another walk.

Please spread the work about this wonderful dog so that we can try to a “Hail Mary” move and score his family!


2 Responses to “Found Dog Looking for His Home”

  1. Colli Says:

    Update: He is still with us. He does not respond to Brownie so we call him Tank. Groomer told us that he is actually about 7 years old. I will post pictures later today. Thank you all for your assistance.

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