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Change in backyard plans April 3, 2015

Filed under: Gardening — Colli @ 11:07 am

I have shared with you my adventures with gardening in my back yard. Some adventures have worked some have not, mostly due to the dogs, but the garden is not producing well. The area of the yard where the garden is located gets a good amount of sun, more than the other side, but not enough for the plants to produce. So I have decided to change it up.

The garden boxes were removed and I installed a big lattice in the corner to block the dogs from sticking their noses through the fence. Ash moved the fence line from the first poll of the patio to the fence providing us with a permanent dog yard. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and want them to roam free but when we are not out there with them for longer stretches of time this dog yard will be a blessing.

Now that the fence is moved there are more things that I will be able to do:

  1. Have a flower garden in the shady back yard.
  2. Create an entertainment and or outdoor relaxing area
  3. Create a potted Vegetable plant garden
  4. Change the drip lines out of dog yard.

The third on this list will be my first step, I guess I should of made it #1, oh well! This should also be the easiest. I am using some of the post I already have and buying a few more. Each plant will be in its own pot lined up on the side of the house. The side of the house will be perfect because it gets good sun and heat. The plants can soak up the heat from the walls of the house. Who knows, maybe it will help the house stay cooler. I will share photos when I can.


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