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Recycled Retaining Walls Stones April 27, 2015

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One of my friends was getting rid of some retaining wall stones from her yard. She is in the process of redoing her yard and had a stack of them for me. So many that it took two truck loads to bring them all to the house. Sadly I did not remember to take pictures because the hand truck bit my head LOL!

Once we got the stones home we lined them up-end to end along the property line dividing our front yard from our neighbors. The plan is to eventually fence in the front yard but in the mean time I want to eliminate the grass. Placing the stones along the line allows me to fill in the bark all the way to the stones.

There are a couple of trees and a rose-bush along the edge which were hard to mow around so now the bark will eliminate that problem too.

IMG_3775 IMG_3774

I think that it makes a nice break in the yards and has eye-appeal! A few more stones and the edge will be complete.


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