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Trim and Baseboards Done!! May 4, 2015

This took so much longer than I thought it would to finish. We did the main work, cleaned up and took a small break. Well the small break turned into months because life happened, as it usually does. When fall and the rain arrived I started to ask, ok lets me honest I started to nag Ashlin about getting this done. I mean we need to finish this room so we can start another, right? Actually I think that might be the reason he was happy to let us drag our feet.

Finally, my parents came up for a day of work and this project was one on the list. Ash and I measured the walls and went to Home Depot for the trim and baseboard the night before. Then we removed all the furniture from the walls so everything was ready for Dad to install in the morning. It was an odd feeling for me to have the house taken apart like that again, like going backwards on a rollercoaster knowing you are about to get rocketed forward any time.

My Dad works so fast I did not have time to take pictures of him working but that is fine with me because it is done and looks wonderful!





Time to plan the next project.


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