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Project Pretty Patio Has Begun June 4, 2015

Our patio has been a sad point for me for a while. I  tried to have furniture out there but Rosco ate it. Now I have the dog pen fenced off and the stucco done, it is time to start reviving the patio.

First step was to paint the stucco walls because I did not want to have to move things around to do it later. While the paint dried I collecting all the wood and made one pile for cutting. Ash and Damion cut it all up so we can burn it in the fire pit.

Summer Fire Pit Wood Stack

Summer Fire Pit Wood Stack

I think that I have collected enough for the summer. It is not the prettiest looking pile but that will not last long. Now that all the scrap wood and trash is cleaned up it is time to install the drip line along the dog fence line.


The drip line will water the potato vine that I have growing on the fence. My hope it to have a living fence of potato vine to hide the dog area. This walkway is not a perfect place to use the greenhouse and my storage box. My new garden will be around that corner of house so I am pleased with the new efficiency.


This photo is panoramic so it make it look much larger

There is still more to move into place and it still feels bare but I have some plans to brighten it up and make it feel more inviting.


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