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Potted Garden July 9, 2015

Filed under: Gardening — Colli @ 10:25 am

The potted garden is more like a pot and bin garden this year. I had some older bins which were no longer needed for storage of firewood so I made them into planters. After some research I found out that the addition of peat to your soil helps it naturally retain water. I liked this because of the drought we are in so I bought a large bag to mix in with the soil for the garden. Each bin is 1/2 potting soil and 1/2 peat soil. I ran a drip line along the dog pen fence line to the garden but it does not water daily. I watched to see how the plants were doing with the reduced water and I am pleased to say that they peat made a difference.

Now that I have:

  • pots & planters in place
  • plants planted  
  • wood pile cleaned up  
  • cement mixer moved
  • storage shed assembled and in place

All I need to do is fertilize and plan on how to make the area look a little prettier. Okay, not all the plants in the garden are vegetable or fruit plants.  

 Some are flowers but I thought that it was good to start out with some of each to see what does well and what needs to be changed.    


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