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Change to Grey Water July 14, 2015

A few months ago the drain for our washing machine backed up on to the floor in the garage. We called out a plumber and he told us that the pipe had collapsed under our house (about 15 ft). For a raised house that is an ok job to fix but our house is a slab foundation so we were told that we would need to rip up our kitchen floor to find the pipe and repair it. The plumber told us that it was a terra-cotta pipe under our house because that is what they used in the 1950s. Estimated cost $900.00 just to find the problem, not including to fix it or the fact that we would then have to redo the entire kitchen from the ground up.

Later we called and spoke to my Dad about all the information we had been given and the options  we have. The plumber was not correct about the pipe used or where the collapse was. Terra-cotta pipes were used leading up to the house but not under the house. So if there is a collapse 15 feet into the line it is the terra-cotta pipe in our back yard, not under the kitchen floor.

The problem was not solved with this knowledge but it at least reduced the looming close of repairs. Dad took me to Home Depot and we bought the parts needed to change our drain to grey water. He is really amazing! My Dad was able to visualize the route the pipe would take and the correct measurements!



We had to knock a hole in the stucco to install the piping. The piping ran along the edge of the house to the yard like this until the end of June. There was some water backing up into the garage again so we checked the pipe to be sure there were no clogs. No clogs were found so we traced it back to the kitchen sink which started to back up.

I was already working on the yard and planning on putting this pipe under ground and extending it out farther so I did.

First I dug a trench out as far as we needed and Damion capped of a sprinkler line we did not need. Then the men helped me to fill in the trench with 1,000 pounds of gravel.

 While completing this I came up with a few plans for the back yard, luckily the front yard is almost done. Slowly but surely I am getting the yards the way I want them to look. Well time to get moving again!


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