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Plumbing Sucks! July 21, 2015

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When we put the grey water line from the laundry under gravel it stopped acting up, at least for a couple of days. Then it happened again with vengeance! OUr neighbor called in a favor and got a plumber our to our house a couple of weekends ago. He arrived on Friday night, took a look and started trouble shooting with my husband. On Saturday morning he was back out with more tools to test other options. By saturday afternoon we could not unclog the line so we made the plan to install new pipe from the kitchen to the sewage line from the bathroom to the main sewage line.

Step one was to dig out the trenches for the pipes:

IMG_2254 IMG_2253 IMG_2250 IMG_4118

It took a bit more digging then I have pictures for because we had to find the main line. We ended up with about 3 small holes and 1 large one that we did not need but we found the line.

Step two was to make sure that the trenches sloped down toward the main line:


Step 3 Break away concrete and install the pipes:


Step 4 attach new line to bathroom line:


Step 5 test the line and cry:


The pipe where the laundry line and the kitchen connect is leaking. It is not an installation error but small holes in the cast iron pipe. We are told that can be caused by draino being used because if it sits in the line it will eat the iron.

Step 6 Break away the stucco and fit the pipe:


Step 7 retest and pray:


2 Responses to “Plumbing Sucks!”

  1. designbycyn Says:

    My love, that was a nasty induction to the home owners association! Thank goodness you won’t have to do that anytime soon, fingers crossed! hugs

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