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Patio is Improving July 30, 2015

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land,Gardening — Colli @ 9:00 am

Last I shared with you we still had some cleaning up to do. It was challenging for us because the foster pup, Tank, kept getting into everything and breaking out of the dog pen.

To make the yard look cleaner I moved the firewood to the side of the house where my potted garden is and took down the greenhouse until I need it again. Then we moved the BBQs to the space where the green house was. Moving the BBQ pits now allows us to use them without worrying about power lines or branches overhead. To make the area a bit more functional I also added the bakers rack which can be used as a counter surface for utensils as needed.


Adding hanging planters with coral bells gave me some variation to the height of the patio and something to catch the eye.


In one corner of the patio I added a large pot with coral bells and hydrangea in it. It balances the flower I placed on the tile bar table on the other side of the patio.


We still plan to extend the patio and add some nice furniture but this is my compromise with myself until then.

Now I am off to try to make the dog yard fence more secure and give it some life.


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