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Living Fence Coming to Life August 6, 2015

Filed under: Gardening — Colli @ 10:35 am
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A few months ago we changed the fence line from blocking off my garden to a dog pen. The fence is made of wire and poles so it is not the most pleasing to the eye. I wanted there to be more eye appeal in the back yard because we would like to start using it for hosting guests.

My parents have passion flower and potato vine growing on their fence line so I took some of the potato vine plants from their house and planted them along our fence line. I know that  they will not grow and cover all the fence this year but they have made a start. 

 We also have some passion flower on the fence line. I had been battling to remove it from our yard but the boys liked it so I left it. 

 While I was writing this post I happened to notice a plant on the fence line I had not planted or known about. 


 I am pretty sure that it is a 4 o’clock which is exciting for me because I want them in our yards! I ca’t wait to see how the fence looks in the spring!


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