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Adventures in another yard August 20, 2015

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 10:42 am

Tenants can ruin a house and its yards!!! My poor neighbors allowed their friends to live here for 12 years in exchange for house and yard work, which they never did. I mentioned before that I am volunteering my time and energy into cleaning up the yard. This is what the back yard looks like.


 This picture was taken after I filled the trash bin with leaves. You could not see that the yard had concrete. Now that I have started I feel the need to set some goals for myself:

  1. remove all leaves.
  2. make sure dirt is only in planters
  3. clean out hot tub
  4. Remove unwanted items
  5. Trim dead tree branches
  6. Use the stones.

First two steps are almost done so now it is time for step 4: dumps!

Started with the side of the house looking like this…

After 2 dump runs it looked like this

One more dump run and some sweeping leaves it looking like this 

Insert pic

I  still have more to do on the list but this is a start!


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