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Free Mulch Delivery September 3, 2015

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 8:25 am

My good friend Pamela, owner of The Honest Dog in Sacramento, received a free delivery of mulch at her house. She shared the information with me because we both love to do yard improvements, especially those which reduce maintenance needed. A local tree trimming company has a link on their site where anyone can sign up for a free mulch delivery to their home. You can’t choose the type or quantity of mulch delivered but you can’t really complain about that when it is free, right?

IMG_4257 IMG_4256 IMG_4255

Ours was delivered the week after I hurt my shoulder. I felt bad because it was a large amount of bark to be put out but my husband, Ash, did not complain. Ash started putting some out in the evenings and then on Saturday our room mate helped him to finish while I took 3 loads to the dumps. There was enough to do the front yard and the back yard.

  Originally I wanted to put out gravel so that it would make the planters pop but the bark gives the yards a nice, clean, finished look. We are very pleased with the improvement this has made to the house and the dogs are happy to have me back inside. 



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