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Fountain Addition September 10, 2015

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 8:45 am

I decided to help my neighbor clean up their back yard. Ok truth is I offered to do it for the exercise and to be nice.

The house had been used as a rental with no care taken to the back of the house. I was told that there were things like a fountain, smoker and a fire pit buried. They offered me the fountain as a thank you.

The front yard had a place set for sitting with a bench between for drinks. I decided to out the fountain there because the chairs were being relocated.

The stones on the ground will act as a leaving base for it and the rose bush behind it will be a pretty back drop.



 I think that it added some variety and beauty to the yard. For me it reminds me of my parents house because they had one almost identical to this in the lath house. Now I just have to decide it I want to plumb it in or use it for another function.


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