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Table in all its Grandeur! September 24, 2015

When I shared the results of Great Grandma’s table at the end of June, I did not have pictures of the new brackets or the table put back together. I admit to not planning ahead for pictures of the stages because I have a tendency to work straight through to the finish.

It worked out well because I realized that the table needed some detail work. The top needed to be sanded with steel wool and resealed and the legs needed another coat or two of stain. Working with stain on the table, and the hopechest, has giving me a higher appreciation for a smooth stain finish. It looks so easy but it is not easy for me!

While I was researching the new hinges for the table I found something interesting. There are support brackets that will fold down with the table. Similar to those used in some nail salon chairs and tables in travel trailers. I decided to order some to add extra support to the table wings. Previously they were only held up with the wing piece that folded open but it was not the best idea because the dogs could knock it down with their heads.  

 We flipped the table over in the dining room so that I had a flat surface to use to attach every thing. The special supports did not work because the angle of attachment was wrong. Once I was done we flipped the table right side up and stood back to look.

All lesson learned and project accomplished. I am proud of the work I did!



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