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No More Holding Our Breath December 10, 2015

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 4:00 pm

My husband Ash is being laid off from work. We knew it was coming but due to extensions we did not know when. It made planning for our future a bit of a challenge, especially with me being on disability leave since August. There was talk about us moving out of state to Oregon, Washington or Colorado if he could not find work here. Lately I have found myself feeling like I am holding my breath, life on hold.

Next week Ash starts work for a new company, which is the first job change in 10 years. It is a bitter sweet time for him because he is saying good bye to those he has worked with. Watching him adjust to this change is interesting to me. I have changed jobs a few times over the years which is always a bit of a learning curb but it is different for him. He must figure out how to dress, how to wear his facial hair…..but he is thankful for the work. We can breathe a bit easier now.

Wish him luck in his new job! I love you Ashlin!!


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