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Finally Returning to Work December 31, 2015

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 11:44 am

Next week, on Monday, I will be returning to work and I have some mixed feelings about it. I love my co-workers and the company I work for but I am worried that I will re-injure my shoulder at work. With this fear in mind I have decided to set my New Years Goals now. I have not been the best at New Years goals/resolutions in the past because most of the time I did not have something driving me to achieve them.

This time I am going to try a new line of attack. I started my goals this week before the new year officially starts.

  1. Strengthen muscles from injury
  2. Complete painting of the house interior
  3. Schedule time for crafting

Short list I know, but I think that it is better for me to start small this year. I started on number 1 in October but stopped going to the gym as much because I found an excuse. I was helping my neighbor clean out all the rooms and storage inside her house. Of course this was a bit of exercise it was not really doing anything for my shoulder because I was not using it. Now I am determined to rebuild the strength and mobility.

Painting the house and crafting may not seem like important items to you but they are to me. While I was on leave I wanted to spend time doing these things so that I could feel accomplished and happy. I did not do much so I found myself battling with depression. My neighbor and my husband noticed this change in me. My neighbors have offered to assist me with completing the painting. I am so grateful to them and I will do it because they will be here to support me and motivate me.

Growing up I watched my Mom do crafting all the time. At night while watching TV, at her ceramic shop, sitting my the campfire camping. It is been a huge part of my life and I value those memories. I know that there are some crafts that I don’t like to do alone, such as card making, so I am not going to try to do those. Instead I am going to work on things that I love to do even when alone.

Do you have any goals for 2016?


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