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Exploring New Opportunity January 21, 2016

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 8:35 am

I have worked for facilities for over two years now. Well, that is including my 4 month leave, so you may view it as less time. Anyways, I have been settling back into the work week routine. It has been an interesting experience so far because I am so much more aware of all the job tasks which I can’t do again yet. Before returning I wondered how it would work and how I would handle returning. Now I am armed with knowledge and ready to move forward.

Last week I applied for another position within my office and had my phone interview. The manager is based out of Atlanta so I am unsure what they next interview step will be or if I will move on to the next round. Due to my current duties I was forced to be late to my interview phone call. They seemed to understand and excuse the tardiness but I found that it was hard for me to read the interview. Being unable to see their facial expressions is a big challenge. I found that I started to doubt myself and by the end I had myself convinced it did not go well.

Thanks to a few of my amazing co-workers I now have some tools under my belt which will enable me to battle that inner negativity. With these new skills in hand and a higher confidence level, I am going to explore more opportunities for career advancement. I am looking forward to seeing where these new opportunity/experiences may take me. Keep your fingers crossed that I get another interview, even if it is for another position.



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