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More Doctors Office Adventures January 28, 2016

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 8:46 am

January 1st my new medical insurance benefits started. New insurance = new doctors treating me. When I returned to work on the 4th I was released to work on light duty, because of light duty restrictions I had to scramble to get myself a new patient appointment with a new doctors office.

Last week I went to my new patient appointment to discuss all my medical and see how all my treatment was going to move forward…. shoulder, anxiety, etc. That was a JOKE! The appointment was supposed to be with the Doctor and I got he physicians assistant, which not bother me at first. What bothered me was her lack of concern for my health or past health history. We talked about my shoulder injury, weight, anxiety. As soon as she saw anxiety in my file all my symptoms were all in my head or caused by inactivity. I was so angry but like my Mom, sometimes I can’t vocalize it till later. She out me back to full duties at work and told me that I need to be sure to move my arm.

I called my old doctors office and asked if they could be my doctor again, even though thet were not listed on the website. Thankfully they told me yes so I can go back to getting real health care treatment again.


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