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Preparing for Tuff Shed Installation February 4, 2016

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This year will be a year of bigger projects for us. We plan to enclose the garage and remodel the bathroom, plus replace the remaining windows. I immediately started planning the bathroom remodel (tiles, colors, etc.). I even had us going to Ikea to look at a new, more space smart vanity for the bathroom. It was at Ikea, sitting in the lobby, my wise husband pointed out a few couple things to me. One of the main things was that we have no place to put the items for the remodel before and while it is happening.

In order for us to have room for the remodel we need to clean out the garage. So, project 1 for the year: install a shed. Ash pulled out his phone and pulled up the Tuff Shed site. We sat together and created a quote for an 8’x10′ shred for the back yard. Once the quote was completed we stopped by Home Depot to compare sizing so that I could visualize the size we needed. Of course, I was not paying close enough attention to the quote we created or thinking about what I wanted it to look like so when it came time to review and order I had some changes to make. Much to Ash’s annoyance!

The shed we originally quoted did not include any ventilation and was plain. With my decorations and yard equipment being stored in there, a vent is mandatory so that fumes and heat to home build and become a safety hazard. Since I had to add that, I decided to add a couple more things to make it look give it more eye appeal to me. First I added the cross bars on the door because it reminds me of the old red barns I loved growing up. Next I added a small window and window box. This will add light inside when I am looking for something, give me breeze when I am in there for extended time organizing, and add some beauty to the size with pretty flowers.

Once I added those things, I told Ash not to ask me anything else and just to order it. So now it is time for me to prepare the yard for the installation. This is going to be a bit of a project. I decided to put it in the area fenced of for the dogs because there is more room without removing a tree or plants. Sadly there is a lot of toys and miscellaneous garbage to pick up because I have not been working in my yard due to my shoulder, but I am not going to let that detour me.

I went out and picked up as much debris and toys as I could. I knew that I still missed some dog debris but I could not see it in the grass. Then Ash and Damion moved the lawn and leveled the ground so it was ready for installation. Luckily there were no sprinkler heads needing to be capped off. Just a couple that are being turned into drip line in the spring. The men made sure to close the gate so that my dirt/mud loving dogs did not play in it and ruin the work the men did.


Working in the yard felt really good! I was intimidated and let’s be honest, scared to start again but I am so happy I did. The sense of accomplishment and contentment I feel when I am working in the yard and can see what I have done is beyond words. Bring on the spring, I am ready to do more!


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