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Musical Beds February 18, 2016

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 10:45 am

A while ago we switched from a California King size bed to a Queen. I was happy with the change because it gave us more room in the bedroom to move around and there was storage drawers under the bed, which was a bonus to our small house. The bed was not a fit for Ashlin! He doesn’t like rolling over and colliding with me at night. Queen size made him feel like he was fighting for space on the bed so he did not get a good nights sleep.

Finally he decided it was time to get a new bed. We went to Ikea and picked out a new King size bed without a frame. The frame was not something I was concerned about right now because my only concern was keeping the cats out from under the bed. Ikea scheduled us for delivery that night so we went home to play musical beds starting in the spare room.


First step was to remove the daybed from the spare room. I stripped everything off the bed and pilled it into the living room. Ash unbolted the bed and we placed all the parts in the living room temporarily.

Then we cleared off the queen bed and emptied the drawers out so that it could be moved into the spare room. The headboard for the queen was placed behind the couch in the living room.

Now that the bed shuffle is done, I went to reorganizing the living room to accommodate the headboard. I emptied the Home Depot shelf of the books and prepared it to leave the living room. The boxes were moves to the shelf behind my chair and into the shelves of the headboard. Once that was done I decided to move the lights from the bedroom into the living room, back on the headboard and centered the Marvel picture between them. There were a couple other changes but the end result is pleasing.


Still having time to kill I went to work in the spare room. With the daybed in the room I had all of my crafting stored in bins under the bed. Now that I have the drawers I need to reorganize it all into the drawers and remove the bins. When I was done with that, Ash helped me with removing a shelf and moving the dresser. The room is more open now than I thought it would be when I originally visualized the addition of the Queen bed.


The shelf from the spare room was moved to the dining room.


At around 7pm, Ikea showed up with our new King bed. Of course there was a small amount of shock for us because we did not think the box springs would need assembly. Thankfully the assembly was easy enough to do and we got the bed put together before late at night. There is not much walking room in the bedroom now but this room is still a work in progress. At least now I know the bed size won’t change again so I know what space there is to work with.

Now a few days rest before more project time!



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