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Garage Clean Out March 3, 2016

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 9:15 am

Now that my beautiful shed is installed, it is time for me to get to work cleaning out the garage.


I have a lot of stuff stored in here (most of it you can’t see in these pictures) which leaves little space for Ash. He teases me all the time that he has no room for his stuff in the house. Ok, so maybe he is right…… Anyways….. My task is to move all my decoration boxes, yard equipment and the camping gear to the shed. It is a bit of stuff and I felt like I was playing a life-size game of tetris loading the shed. Player 1 Wins!!

The shed is loaded and the garage is cleared of all my stuff. I have a lot of Christmas decorations and camping gear! I was surprised at how much space I still have in the shed.

Achievement Unlocked: Clean Garage!!! Now there is room for the remodel supplies and loads of space for Ash.


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