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Need More Bears Briar!! March 10, 2016

Filed under: Gardening — Colli @ 2:59 pm

Last year I got some bears briar, also known as “bears breech”, from my parents and planted it along my back fence. Where it was planted it took off and my dogs don’t got through it. Probably because of the spikes, or so my Mom tells me and she is usually right.

In the corner of the yard I had also planted a fern and put up a small fence around another pre-existing plant so that it would go. The dogs have squeezed part that and trampled those plants.

I need more bears briar to fill in that space. It will stop the dogs but also look amazing well it all starts to bloom. My parents had more bears briar for me as well as more calla lilies. I planted all the plants they give me and let them do their thing. Some of the briar was even planted in the sun to test its ability to take the heat. Fingers crossed.

Thank you Mom and Dad for the new plants! Soon there will be a fence line of flowers that are not run into the ground.


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