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Ready for Warm Weather March 10, 2016

Filed under: Gardening — Colli @ 8:55 am

The shed is completed and filled, the grass is mowed and the yard looks…… meh? Nope that will not do for me.

Starting all of these projects has got me moving again and it feels so good! But when I went out back to have my coffee this morning I could not relax. The yard and patio still looked dirty and incomplete. I know that I have rearranged and redesigned the patio a few times already but I am hoping this is the last time.


Last fall I bought some plants to put in pots on the patio but never got to plant them. I moved the ones that survived the winter to the patio table and green wasted those that didn’t. One upside to waiting is I know which ones will survive and I didn’t have to dug up the dead ones. The hanging pots do not hold a lot of water so most of the plants I have tried to plant in them have not lasted. This year I am trying succulent plants. They are drought resistance and like the area.

image image image

Fingers crossed! If it works out, the ones that I would will grown and hang down from the pots.

I brought washed the new table off, swept the patio, decorated a bit more and moved the beer brewing cabinet to the garage. That made a huge difference!

image image

Now time for another cup of coffee and some real relaxation.


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