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Tree Finally Gone! March 31, 2016

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land,Gardening — Colli @ 7:55 am

The tree in our front yard has been an annoyance to us and our neighbors since we bought the house. It is one of those trees that drop the spiky balls everywhere. Last year I rolled my ankle and was on crutches for a week because I stepped on one in the driveway. We got a couple of quotes on having it removed but the price was too high for us at the time.


Then our neighbor has someone come out to give a quote on removing three trees and it was amazing. While they were there I asked them for a quote on our tree too. It was $600 for the removal which is less than half what everyone else was quoting. SOLD!!

They came out and did the work in no time flat! It is amazing how fast this team worked.



I am so pleased the tree is gone.


Now I can look for a couple of replacement trees for the front yard. Ones that look pretty and won’t drop stuff all over us.


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