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New Trees April 7, 2016

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land,Gardening — Colli @ 7:41 am

Since the removal of the tree out front I have been looking for replacement tree(s) to plant. Last year I bought a Japanese Bloodgood Maple for Ash and  peach tree for me but they did not make it. I would like to buy a new ones and try again.

Finally I found  them! Costco had the peach tree which was twice the size of my last one for half the cost. Home Depot had the Japanese Maple. The benefit to Home Depot plants 1 gallon or larger sized is that they have a one year warranty on them.

I bought the trees and with the help of Damion and JC I got them planted. We placed sand, plant food and fish in the hold below the tree. Yup Fish!! I got a whole, uncut fish, eyes and all and planted a tree on top if it. I learned that it is a Native American Tradition to plant this way and of course it worked miracles.

20160324_175624 20160324_175823My new trees are growing healthy and strong. Look I even have some fruit growing this year!


Once they were in the ground, along with some new flowers, I had the drip line system updated to that it includes the trees. I don’t want them to not get water. Now I just get to watch and enjoy! Maybe next year I will replace the trees in the back with fruit trees and plant one more in the front yard. Food for thought.



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