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Veggie Garden Re-Envisioned April 21, 2016

I loved my bin garden but so did the dogs.IMG_4100It grew and was healthy till it started to produce, then Rosco attacked it. This year I would like to enjoy the fruits of my labor, so to speak.

The local nursery I love to go to had some wooden planters that were height enough I could garden without bending over. This is a very appealing idea to me because I am a clutz and it will save it from the dogs. I guess it could be both combined to because it would save me from having the dogs trample me while I garden…. oops rambling.

I talked with my neighbor and my husband about building one for me. The plan was in place, I would buy the supplies and they would build them. Before I bought the supplies I did some research to be sure I picked the right wood and screws. I came across the planter I wanted. It fit my vision to a T.

The planter arrived and my neighbor put it together for me.


Then we moved it to the side of the house, filled it with dirt and planted my veggies.


I can’t wait to see what grows! I think that if something doesn’t grow I will replace it, if it all grows then I will add a small planter to the side to get a couple more plants. Hmmm maybe next year I should buy another one…. food for thought!


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