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Wind vs Tree…. Wind Won April 28, 2016

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 8:14 am

We have a tree in our backyard that give shade to most of half the yard. It is pretty to look out the kitchen window and see it. Mother nature decided that it was time for a change. Early in the afternoon on Friday the wind was strong, causing all the trees to sway. Our tree had branches snap off and set on the power lines and our neighbors fence. The branches breaking was not loud enough to alert them but thankfully they went outside and saw the damage

download_20160422_140218 download_20160422_140212

From the pictures it does not look as bad as it was. My neighbor called me to tell me, then called SMUD while I was driving home. SMUD arrives a bit later and took at look. It was decided that the tree should be removed but they are not allowed to do that. They cut off the branches that were broken and or about to break and left them where the fell.

20160422_132338 20160422_132330 20160422_132328

After 2 yard bins full of branches and the rest piled in one spot, we still have a pretty good size pile.

20160422_144947 20160422_145006

The pile is almost as tall as me and you can’t tell except for the height of the fence behind it. The remainder of the limbs we will slowly cut up and put in the trash until the yard bins are emptied again. Our neighbor is going to burn the bigger pieces so that will save us some work too.

My parents are coming up soon and I will ask my Daddy to help Ash take down our tree. The upside, I always have to find one, is that now I can plant 2 fruit trees in the back yard. Just have to find the right ones.


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