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Lovely Green Leaves & Blooms May 12, 2016

Right after I got the bears briar from my parents, we got a lot of rain. We need the rain in California but I was sad because it delayed my planting. When the sun came out for a couple of days I was a happy girl. I grabbed the shovel, even though I am not supposed to, and started digging holes.

Digging holes is good cardio and strength training, right!?!? Yes, but not for me. Damion dug the holes for me and I grabbed all my plants.

My husband loves to give me a hard time when I get home from my parents. Seeing all these plants in my car he asked if I had the dogs, all he could see was a forest of green. LOL! He loves to tease me!

We got it all planted in no time flat. He would dig one and I would plant while he dug the rest.

There is a lot of green leaves and calla lily blooms to look at this year and soon there will be more from the plants I just added. I am looking forward to seeing is come to life!

Now I get to plan my swing refurb and adding iris…. Talk to you later. I am going back out to flirt with the dirt.


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