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Flower Garden Growth October 7, 2016

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 9:00 pm

The plants have started to fill in…the garden is starting to take form. 

Everytime I work in the front yard I have people stop to talk to me about the plants and or about how beautiful it looks.


I am quite fond of it myself and Ash even stops to look at it with me. The compliments from him, on how nice the yard is looking, mean the most to me. 

Now I get to build another garden and watch it grow. The umbrella I ordered arrived and I put it up. Now I can sit out there, read and enjoy the yard when my work is done. On top of adding the umbrella to the yard, I replaced some of the smaller plants in the pots and added a couple more to the ground. When I bought some of the first ones I thought that I had a more sun than we really do. So some of them did not survive.

Now that all the planting is done I am adding bark. Over the holiday weekend it was on sale 5 bags for $10. That means that I must stock up on it, right? Well I think so but I don’t think that Ash agrees with me LOL.

Not all of the area will be barked in right now because I am still placing the plants and planning the pathways. At least the additions of the bark around the plants will help reduce the amount of weeds/crab grass that I have to keep cleaned up. But the time I am done it will all be bark and pathways, no more grass. 


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